Field of study POLISH PHILOLOGY (first-degree studies)

A graduate in these studies will acquire knowledge about Polish language, linguistics and communication, Polish and world literature and contemporary culture. During the workshops and labs, students will acquire substantial knowledge and professional skills in the field of speech-language pathology, media and journalism, proof-reading and editing. They will gain the qualifications which enable them to work in education, media, publishing, advertising and many other businesses.



Faculty of Humanities

Institute of Polish Philology and Applied Linguistics



3 years (awarded degree: BA)



Polish language and speech-language pathology*

Philology for media and business with a foreign language

Social communication and editorial work

* - this specialization course is available only in the full-time studies




On completion of the specialization course on “Polish language and speech-language pathology”,  graduates will have acquired the qualifications necessary for diagnosis and therapy for the speech impediment of dyslalia.  They may start a second-degree studies in this specialization to acquire qualifications that entitle them to work as a speech therapists.


Upon completion of the specialization course on “philology in media and business with a foreign language”, a graduate is prepared for starting a career in advertising, PR or the media. A graduate will have deep and practical language skills (in English or Russian).



After completing the specialization course on “social communication and editorial work”, a graduate will have extensive competences in the field of editing and publishing work in journals, literary and scientific publishing houses, as well as electronic media. He or she will also have practical journalism skills.



A Polish philology student, completing the additional courses, will have the opportunity to acquire qualifications that entitle them to work as a “Polish language teacher” in primary schools.

Candidates for „Polish philology” will choose their specialization course towards the end of the first semester.

For the specialization course „Polish language and speech-language pathology” a pronunciation check is obligatory, and a hearing examination is also required.